On this week's episode, Harry and Tim sit down with revolutionary chef Jeremiah Tower for one of the most interesting and surprising episodes of How I Got Here to date. Jeremiah walks through his somewhat aimless journey across three continents, including a stint studying architecture at Harvard and a stopover in California on his way to Hawaii to construct underwater hotels. Jeremiah never made it to Hawaii, but in San Francisco he found his calling as a chef, overhauling the industry's obsession with French cuisine in favor of locally-sourced ingredients and a style that came to be known as "California cuisine." In many ways the progenitor of the farm-to-table movement and New American cuisine, he is the subject of a new documentary called "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent," which traces his gastronomic journey and solidifies what Harry and Tim found out firsthand: it doesn't get much cooler than Jeremiah Tower.