How I Got Here is a podcast hosted by two recently graduated college roommates, Tim Barnicle and Harry Hill, wondering how to make it in the world. Sitting down with several legends of their fields, such as Tom Brokaw and Larry King, Tim and Harry ask a simple question: how did you get to where you are in your career? Tracing the route from childhood to the present day, the interviews reveal unbelievable stories and incredible insights into paths that rarely follow expectations.  

The Hosts


Harry Hill is a recent graduate of Georgetown University where he double majored in Economics and English. Prior to launching “How I Got Here,” he explored the political landscape, running a state-level campaign in Massachusetts and first cutting his teeth during the 2012 Presidential cycle. He is originally from Westwood, Massachusetts. 


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Tim Barnicle is a recent graduate of Georgetown University where he studied American History. Outside of the lecture halls he made an impression in the entertainment arena at WGTB - Georgetown Radio, The Georgetown Voice and the Williamstown Theater Festival. He grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and is now an actor and musician based in Brooklyn.


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