Episode 32: Award-Winning Chef Rick Moonen


Today's guest is Chef Rick Moonen, the "Godfather of Sustainability." Growing up in a large family in Queens, Rick soon became fascinated by the kitchen. He began cooking, and after a few false starts in other fields, graduated from the top of his class at the Culinary Institute of America. But for Rick, food is much deeper than what's on the plate. He wants it to conjure a memory for the eater, and to create a new. He brings this to his restaurant "RM Seafood" at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, where he incorporates the principles of sustainability into every plate he serves. Harry and Tim sat down with Chef Moonen in the Boiler Room at RM as his staff set up for the evening, which set the scene nicely for the interview. A special thank you to Michael Rudzinsky who helped produce this episode.